Rapidshare Softwares

The programs can download via rapidshare without premium account

Rapidshare NOlimit 2008
Mirror 1
Mirror 2 depositfile
Mirror 3 vip-file

RapidShare Plus 2.1.1
This is a program that downloads a queue of Rapidshare links.
1) Just add them or use the paste function.
2) Select the folder to download to.
3) Sit back and watch it download automatically
mirror megaupload

Rapidshare Direct Download 3.2
Now you can download from rapidshare with this program FOR NO LIMIT
This program give you capacity to download Multiple files at once without having Premium account

Easy Rapidshare Points v5.0
With Easy Rapidshare Points, you can gain as much as 7,650 points a month. This is the best way for premium account holders to increase their points on their own. All you have to do is upload a file, once you have uploaded and paste the link in Easy Rapidshare Points. Once pasted, downloaded as a free user. After the download is complete, you press the new “Clear RS Data” button. And from there you do it multiple times to get to your desired points amount.
Notes :
1) make sure the file u downloading is min 5MB as per RS condition.
2) make sure you clear IE cache if you ever login as premium before this little software is somehow link to IE and clearing IE cache will allow you to download as free user.
3) make sure you are not using download managers.
3) make sure you choose as free user whenever u download the 5MB file.
4) make sure u hit the [clear data] button after each successful download.
5) basically thats all and u will get 1 RS point each download. good luck.

Rapidshare My Account Manager V2.5.2
Rapidshare – My Account Manager: Application designed to help all frustrated account holders of Rapidshare.com Premium or Free collector. The application is designed to facilitate the account management and information collection. Due to the non existence of such a thing to be able to manage the account with Rapidshare.com it self or other parties, the need of this tool is essential.
If your answer is NO for any of the following that means this application is for you:
. 1- Can you delete multiple files from you account on Rapidshare.com?
. 2- Can you identify which file is the most downloaded from your list in just one Click?
. 3- Can you copy Multiple Download Links with two clicks?
. 4- Do you know how many downloads of each file occurred in the past 24 hours?
. 5- Do you know which file was deleted by you or by Rapidshare.com?
. 6- Do you find it easy to view the Rapidshare.com file list, especially more than one page list?
If that is not enough to convince you to use this application, check the application features:
. 1- Used for Premium and Collector accounts on Rapidshare.com
. 2- Retrieve Users account information:
. . a- User Name;
. . b- Rapidshare Total Points Collected;
. . c- Used Storage/Space on the account;
. . d- Total Number of Files on the account;
. . e- The Account Expiration Date (Premium Members only);
. . f- Traffic Today Statistic for the account (Premium Members only);
. . g- Traffic Share Left (Premium Members only);
. . h- Rapidshare Server Time (Premium Members only);
. 3- Retrieve Files Information:
. . a- Files Name list;
. . b- File Size;
. . c- Total Number of Downloads;
. . d- The Date of the last download;
. . e- File Status (Available, Deleted, Normal Download, TrafficShare Download, and Secure TrafficShare Download) (Some information is only for Premium Accounts);
. . f- LinkList;
. . g- Number of Days Past since last downloads;
. . h- Monitor the last 24hours number of downloads for each file.
. 4- Delete Files (Single or multiple files at One Click);
. 5- Select/ Deselect All files;
. 6- Select/ Deselect Highlighted files;
. 7- Copy the Download Link of the selected files;
. 8- Easy Sort of the files by: Name, Size, Downloads, Last Downloads, Status, LinkList, Number of days since last download, and Number of download for the past 24 hours;
. 9- Save/ Export the List of all the Files Information into Text File or MS Excel;
. 10- Visit Rapidshare site within the same application without re-login again;
. 11- One Click and Clear all data from the View;
. 12- Keep you application updated automatically.
What is New?
. 1- File Last Download Time is your local time (Not any more Rapidshare time that you need to figure-out)
. 2- Added more than 5 Servers for updates. should not have any network issue to the update server.
. 3- Added Button to Sort the list same as the original listing (Rapidshare Sort).
. 4- Reduced Network use for the Ads.
. 5- Ability to remove the deleted Files from the record / list.
. 6- Ability to Hide / Show the deleted files from the list.
. 7- Ability to get the list of file and the account info SUPER FAST without using the database (Useful when times you dont need to monitor the activity, but you need the account/files info).
. 8- Fixed the issue that Right-Click menu was disabled.
. 9- Improved the Local Database to save the time to almost 25% of the older version. Also, the new Database can hold a record for up-to 30 days (Very useful for future release)
. 10- Ability to View / Hide columns from the list.
. 11- Fixed few other bugs.
. 12- THE BEST OF ALL, the one you are waiting for. You can choose now to have the application runs in the background so it can collect the data for you and have a better monitor on your files. You can set the interval time your self, minimum 5 minutes. (Database can have up to 30 days, day to day data, and past 2 days, interval times data). (This feature will be more useful in my future release when you will be able to view these data in more details of each file using GUI or Log, also the capability of using Remote Location to save your database remotely, to be able to view / monitor it from any computer).
. 13- Ability to Enable / Disable Rapidshares Last Download time conversion to local time.
. 14- 24 Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. (If you need to add you language that is not listed or you need to improve the current one, contact me by email)
. 15- Fixed the issue with using the special character to retrieve the account details and files information.
More features coming soon:
. 1- Upload / Download Files To/ From Rapidshare.com
. 2- Help Page.
. 3- Have more than one account in the same application.
. 4- Using remote Upload
. 5- Add more language support.
. 6- View detailed files activity using GUI or Log.
. 7- Ability to use Remote Database for more than one computer access.
. 8- Ability to tag the files with “Category” and “Description”.
. 9- Add a tag of deleted file to differentiate if it was deleted by the user or Rapidshare.
Application Requirement:
. 1- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
. 2- Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista; Windows XP
. 3- Processor: 400 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent (Minimum); 1GHz Pentium processor or equivalent (Recommended)
. 4- RAM: 96 MB (Minimum); 256 MB (Recommended)
. 5- Hard Disk: Up to 500 MB of available space may be required FOR MS .NET
. 6- CD or DVD Drive: Not required
. 7- Display: 800 x 600, 256 colors (Minimum); 1024 x 768 high color, 32-bit (Recommended)
download uploading
mirror 1 rapidshare
mirror 2 easy shared

AIO 30 Best Rapidshare Tools Collection 2009
This AIO have:
* 28.000 Proxies List
* BC-Leecha v2.42
* Link Grabber v3.0.2
* Proxy Finder v1.1
* Rapid Check v0.4
* Rapid Harvest v1.2.0.5
* Rapid Leecher v4.5 Beta
* Rapid Search Beta v0.2
* RapidShare – the way YOU like it!
* RapidShare DeCoder v0.2
* Rapidshare Free Account Notifier v1.0
* Rapidshare Grabber v1.4.4a
* Rapidshare Instant Downloader v1.3.3
* Rapidshare Premium Account Generator v1.0
* Rapidshare Source Code
* Rapidshare Downloader Live
* RapidUp v1.3
* RapidUp (latest version)
* Rapishare Bypasser
* Rapishare premium Grabber
* Rapishare collect script
* Rapishare siggy

Bye-Bye Rapidshare 1.0
Download Direct – Now you can download from rapidshare with this program FOR NO LIMIT
This program give you capacity to download multiple files at once without having Premium account

jDownloader v3.262 (Rapidshare Downloader)
JDownloader is open source, platform independent and written completely in Java. It simplifies downloading files from One-Click-Hosters like Rapidshare.com or Megaupload.com – not only for users with a premium account but also for users who don’t pay. It offers downloading in multiple paralell streams, captcha recognition, automatical file extraction and much more. Of course, JDownloader is absolutely free of charge. Additionally, many “link encryption” sites are supported – so you just paste the “encrypted” links and JD does the rest. JDownloader can import CCF, RSDF and the new DLC files.

CryptLoad Rapidshare & Megaupload Downloader v1.1.0
* Easy and automated file downloading from all the major one-click file hosters.
* Automated OCR/CAPTCHA, in our tests decoding worked only few times
* Automatic renew of IP address.
* Support for PREMIUM downloading with multi-part download.
* Automatic link decoding of link protetor services like Rapisafe.de
* File plugin system to add more services.
* Full support and bug tracking system.
* very prety GUI.

Ultra Rapidshare Downloader 2.0
Download files directly from the server Rapidshare.
01. The maximum speed Download
02. Multiple Connection
03. Still CV
04. Choosing the best auto server Rapidshare

Rapidshare Hacker 3.7

No More Download Limit !!!
Tested and Working – No more download limit !!!
Rapid Hacker can hack / crack / bypass waiting limit at Rapidshare.com and Rapidshare.de
Just copy-paste the Rapidshare link and get unlimited downloads.

• paste the rapidshare link
• click “Go”
• Click the “FREE” button on the Rapidshare ‘s page
Just copy/paste rapidshare site and get unlimited downloads. Tested and working!
Spyware and Virus Free.

– After you paste the rapidshare link, click _Go_
– Click on the Rapidshare page, press tab 14 times
– hit enter if you can’t scroll to the free button
Size: 2.18 MB

Notice Vista Users:

Notice: For Windows Vista users.
You will need to disable the UAC (User Account Control) setting
To do this, go to Control Panel | “Your user Account” | Make changes…
| Unselect UAC | Reboot.
The reason this needs to be done, is because Rapid Hacker writes
the output file to C:\ and with the UAC Enabled, Vista will block this
and Rapid Hacker will fail to spoof your IP Address. after using Rapid Hacker
you may turn on the UAC if you feel the need to be… UAC being disabled
does NOT take away sufficient security issues. It basically is a prevention
mechanism for “spreading type files” to not have the ability/permission to
infect your file system. Rapid Hacker is 100% virus and spyware free, if
downloaded at reliable and trusted sources.


Password : warezforum.info

Rapidshare + Megaupload Tools 2008

Rapidshare Tools
Easy Rapidshare Points v3.0
The Grabber 1.4.8
Rapidshare Manager
Rapid Tools v2.2.0.0
RapGet v.1.40
Rapid-USD – No Captcha
Rapidshare.com Link Convertor
Rapidshare Direct Download
Rapidshare Unlimited 2.0
Rapidshare Time Resetter
Grabber 1.4.2A SHiNE Update 3
Rapid DeCoder Version 0.2
Rapidshare Grabber v1.47c
Rapidleecher – .Net v5.1
Rapidget by vincome & val86 (PHP)
Rapidleech 2.2 (PHP)
RapidKill 5.93 MOdified (PHP)
CMS Teleport (PHP)
RapidCheck v0.4
CMS RSFan 1.0
Megaupload Link Grabber 7r
Megaupload Hack Reg
Megaupload folder extracter
Megaupload No Slots Reg



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