Extreme Decay – Progressive Destruction (2000)

1. Biadab
2. Kuasa Kehancuran
3. Sisa Reruntuhan
4. Argue
5. Motherfucker Squad
6. Guilty Made
7. Look of Shit
8. My Burning Forest
9. Where Is The Freedom
10. Green Me
11. A Will Canceled
12. Obey (As Your Wish)
13. Stop The Wa
14. Lifeless Harmony
15. Smokers Grinding
16. Sickness Mind
17. Picture of Cruel
18. For It To Exist
19. Holocaust And Violence
20. Kill Or Be Kill
21. Corrput of Humanity
22. Wreck Sociality
23. Contaminated Brain
24. Betray Faith
25. Bastard
26. Deformed Inside
27. World Dimension
28. War For Revenge
29. Perang Membusuk
30. Entirely Dissapeared
31. Hard But Coreless (Live Bonus Track)
32. Decay In Your Mind (Live Bonus Track)
33. Wonderful Vacation Trip (Live Bonus Track)
34. Euphoria (Live Bonus Track)
35. Invisible Chain (Live Bonus Track)
36. Fighting For Self-Respect (Live Bonus Track)
37. Politik (Live Bonus Track)
38. What You Sucking For? (Live Bonus Track)


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