John Lennon – Wonsaponatime (1998)

01 I’m Losing You (Edit)
02 Working Class Hero (Edit)
03 God (Alternate Take) (Edit)
04 How Do You Sleep (Alternate Take) (Edit)
05 Imagine (Take 1) (Edit)
06 Baby Please Don’t Go
07 Oh My Love (Edit)
08 God Save Oz (Edit)
09 I Found Out (Home Recording)
10 Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Live)
11 A Kiss Is Just A Kiss (Home Vignette)
12 Be-Bop-A-Lula (Take 2) (Edit)
13 Rip It Up – Ready Teddy (Alternate Take)
14 What You Got (Home Recording)
15 Nobody Loves You When Youre Down And Out (Take 19) (Edit)
16 I Don’t Wanna Face It (Alternate Take)
17 Real Love (Demo Take 4) (Edit)
18 Only You
19 Grow Old With Me (Home Recording)
20 Sean’s ”In The Sky” (Vignette) (Home Recording)
21 Serve Yourself (Home Recording)

password : julass


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