Metalica – Live, Shit, Binge & Purge (3cd’s) (1993)

cd 1
1.Enter Sandman
2.Creeping Death
3.Harvester of Sorrow
4.Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
5.Sad But True
6.Of Wolf and Man
7.The Unforgiven
8.Justice Medley

cd 2
1.Through the Never
2.For Whom the Bell Tolls
3.Fade to Black
4.Master of Puppets
5.Seek and Destroy

cd 3
1.Nothing Else Matters
2.Wherever I May Roam
3.Am I Evil?
4.Last Caress
6.So What/Battery
7.The Four Horsemen
9.Stone Cold Crazy

Donwload part 1
Donwload part 2
Donwload part 3

password : shared by cloned


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