Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation (1987)

1. “Heart’s Done Time” (Joe Perry, Desmond Child) 4:42
2. “Magic Touch” (Steven Tyler, Perry, Jim Vallance) 4:40
3. “Rag Doll” (Tyler, Perry, Vallance, Holly Knight) 4:21
4. “Simoriah” (Tyler, Perry, Vallance) 3:21
5. “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” (Tyler, Perry, Child) 4:23
6. “St. John” (Tyler) 4:12
7. “Hangman Jury” (Tyler, Perry, Vallance) 5:33
8. “Girl Keeps Coming Apart” (Tyler, Perry) 4:12
9. “Angel” (Tyler, Child) 5:10
10. “Permanent Vacation” (Tyler, Brad Whitford) 4:52
11. “I’m Down” (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) 2:20
12. “The Movie” [instrumental] (Tyler, Perry, Whitford, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer) 4:00



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